My name is Jerry Frank, and I am a professional composer, pianist, producer, arranger, of all types of music, including folk, jazz, pop, country, modern, and all periods of classical music. I was trained as a concert pianist and as a composer. (And I had an early start, studying composition and piano performance beginning at age 9 from two college professors at the University of Washington.)

An early start meant an early beginning to my career in music. I won some composition competitions when I was 10 and 11, and at 14 I wrote the score to my high school play, - a musical, of course. I got interested in jazz improvisation while in high school, and I formed a small band called the Jerry Frank Trio. (Piano, bass, and drums.) When I was college age, I majored in music (composition) at the U of W., and while I took classes by day, the Jerry Frank trio was working by night in clubs, hotels, and coffee houses. And while also still a student , I began doing music for TV and radio, forming a production company. (For a condensed view, please see the "Current Resumé" section.)

I worked in the finest recording studios in Seattle, and was in on the multi-track revolution as the recording process went through many changes, from the use of synthesizers and computers and the invention of MIDI, to the digital technology of today. (If you're an established producer who would like to hire me for a film or a TV commercial, that would be nice.)

Along the way, my trio performed for many years in Seattle's best venues, and I enjoyed winning awards for my extensive commercial and film work.

My love for music takes all forms, writing it, arranging it, producing it, and performing it. To me, it's "all about the music", what it can say about us as people, as listeners, and what it can mean to us. With its power and subtlety, it can enlighten in a very personal way how we feel about anything and everything. Music to me is emotion, of all kinds and all varieties. I welcome you to visit my musical world through my piano compositions. I call it "Concert Jazz," but it's more than jazz - it's all styles and forms from yesterday's music to today's.

I have recorded a vast library of CD's of original piano material, some of which are available on this Web site. In addition, I have recorded 22 CD's of popular standards for solo piano, and some of those will also be made available.

Please enjoy.

Jerry Frank


Agua El Gaucho -
2801 Alaskan Way - Pier 70
Seattle, WA 98121

Thursdays - 5:30 - 8:30 P.M.

Fridays & Saturdays - 5:30 - 9:30 P.M.